How to use the Reorganisers Handbook


Just click the page and type. Text is synchronized as you type, so that everyone viewing this page sees the same text. This allows you to collaborate seamlessly on documents!

What you can do with these resources

  • donate to them
  • fund them with your grant
  • join their membership
  • volunteer your time to their work
  • offer skills to them
  • subscribe to their newsletters
  • follow them on social media
  • amplify their message

Small jobs you can do to help improve this handbook

  • suggest improvements or organisation ideas
  • add twitter accounts/hashtags for listed resources
  • add newsletter urls for listed resources
  • filing the ‘unorganised links’ into sections
  • finding more resources for sections that don’t have many yet
  • Unsure about any of this? Ask in the WhatsApp group


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